Immersion in Russia – Discover Russia and learn the language at the same time


Do you feel like your Russian does not move forward fast enough? Maybe Immersion in Russia is what you need!

Immersion in Russia – Discover Russia and learn the language at the same time

Immersion in Russia is a new unique project based on the concept “Travel & Learn”. They offer a possibility to learn the Russian language while traveling across Russia and discovering its wonders.

Feel the real immersion by taking the Trans-Siberian railway, crossing the frozen lake Baikal, exploring Kamchatka, or visiting Moscow, Kazan and Saint-Petersburg in a company of a Russian teacher! Discovering and learning while enjoying together with a group of people from all over the world united by the desire to learn a new language – this is what Immersion in Russia is all about.

This spring, from March 1st till March 11th, Immersion in Russia will take you to the frozen Lake Baikal by Trans-Siberian railway with a group of other Russian learners and a Russian teacher. You will have Russian classes on the train and between the excursions around Baikal. This unique adventure will allow you to discover Russia, learn the language and experience a real immersion.

Lake Baikal is a place of wonders, completely frozen at this time of the year. There is no other place on Earth like that. The ice is so thick that you can cross it by car (what we will do). The region is a mix of cultures and traditions with a high proportion of the population being buddhist.

You can find more information about the programme here.

Russian Pod 101

The summer immersion will take place in Kamchatka, an adventure that will take us even further East, to the edge of the world. The programme will be available as soon as next week on the website


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